Losing Glasses

Losing glasses is a constant risk with a 7 year old who has three pairs to keep track of. What’s more, these things are not easy to replace. A big shout out then for 1) Liberty Sport who thoughtfully put a name/address label inside their frame cases, and 2) the kind souls who have recently been finding my daughter’s glasses, opening the cases, and calling me. We left a pair at the bank, and got them back last month. Then on our summer vacation my daughter left a pair behind in LAX baggage claim. I was sure we would never see them again. But 12 hours later I got a call, and was soon driving to East LA to pick them up from the home of someone who had rescued them. Yay! 



We watched the eclipse on August 21, 2017 from southern California. Eclipse glasses were a total bust for my daughter. We were on the path of partial eclipse, not total eclipse, so there was never a time it got dark. The eclipse glasses let my daughter look at the sun but it just looked like a circle to her, she couldn’t see the crescent shape. The pinhole camera we made was also a bust for the same reason. However the pinhole projector worked (phew, glad for 2 strikes not 3). We got a clear crescent image projected on white card on the ground about the size of a quarter, which my daughter could see by getting down close to it. The other good thing was the dappled shadows from the trees were all in crescent shapes a few inches across and those were fun to spot.